A Townsville mum faced court for drug trafficking. Picture: iStock
A Townsville mum faced court for drug trafficking. Picture: iStock

Mum of 5 ‘trafficked $100k of ice to support kids’

A TOWNSVILLE mother sold about $100,000 in ice and other drugs in a businesslike operation to support her children, a court has heard.

Taryn Elizabeth Woods, 28, was sentenced in Townsville Supreme Court to two counts of trafficking and related offences that date back to 2015 and 2016.

The court heard Woods, who was a mother-of-two at the time of offending, trafficked the drugs over two periods.

The first period lasted for about eight months and involved the sale of methamphetamine, Cannabis and MDMA and only stopped when police searched her property, which prompted her to move to New South Wales.

"By far and away the most significant of those was the methamphetamine, which was up to a quarter pound being sold to the tune of $36,000," Crown Prosecutor Andrew Walklate said.

He said messages revealed she sold to over 80 persons on at least 100 occasions and that she sold approximately $100,000 of meth.

They also revealed she used multiple employees and there were a number of people she directed.

Rather than live a lavish lifestyle with the proceeds, the court heard Woods used the money for day-to-day expenses for her family.

Mr Walklate said a "concerning feature" of the offending was she exposed her home to risk.

The court heard the property was subject to a home invasion where their property was raided and even her children's presents were stolen.

The court heard the second period of offending occurred for a lesser time and to a "lesser degree of intensity" but involved similar customers and use of employees.

Defence barrister Darin Honchin said Woods was now a mother-of-five and had most recently given birth in February.

He said his client had left the drug scene and her former partner, who introduced her to the lifestyle.

The court heard Woods was also a drug user but managed to break the addiction and in the end was trafficking for the profit.

"She didn't live a lavish lifestyle. Whilst it's never an excuse for dealing in drugs that's the reality that she used the money for living, living with the children, providing for the children," he said.

"She understands that the exposure that her children had and how inappropriate it was."

Judge David Boddice took into account her youth and co-operation.

He sentenced Woods to seven years prison and convictions were recorded, eligible for parole on June 14, 2021.