Emily Reid was seriously injured in a road accident on May 29 at Midgee.
Emily Reid was seriously injured in a road accident on May 29 at Midgee.

Mum of injured Midgee crash passenger living in a nightmare

ROCKHAMPTON mother Karen Reid has been living what is every parents worst nightmare for the past week and half as her daughter lies in hospital with devastating injuries from a traffic crash.

The hardest part for Karen and her family to comprehend is that it all could have been avoided.

Her daughter Emily, 20, was injured in the Midgee crash on May 29 which sadly claimed the life of her friend, Emily Barnett, 21.

It is believed a Mitsibushi Triton drifted to the wrong side of the road in a head-on collision with the Toyota Rav4 which Emily Barnett was driving.

The driver of the Triton is in a critical but stable condition in the intensive care unit at Princesss Alexandra Hospital

Emily Reid had to be cut out of the vehicle, as she was entrapped, and was later flown to Princess Alexandra Hospital where she spent a week in the ICU.

"She has some horrific injuries and a long road ahead of her," Karen said.

"At the beginning no one knew what was happening.

"You get that phone call to say she has been in an accident and it doesn't look good.

"It's literally your worst nightmare."

While Karen asked for privacy around Emily's injuries as a matter of respect for her daughter, she said Emily was incredibly strong and brave with what she was ­having to deal with.

"Everyone around her is so amazed at how well has been responding," she said.

Speaking to The Morning Bulletin from Brisbane, Karen held back tears as she talked about the traumatic events of the past week.

"This is the worst thing I have ever been through, and my experience is nothing as to what my daughter is experiencing and will likely feel the effects of for the rest of her life," she said.

Every day Karen sees more news reports of accidents and people getting hurt.

For Karen, it's really hitting home how an accident hurts someone and how their life may never go back to what it was before.

"I don't think I had appreciated what an accident does to the people involved," she said.

"People don't understand how important it is to check yourself before you get in the car and drive and put other people at risk, your mental state, your physical state, people need to think about that.

"I wish that people ­realised that every second they spend behind the wheel of a vehicle is an opportunity to take care of the people around them or to do immense harm that can never be taken back.

"If you're tired, stressed, impatient or had drinks or drugs, don't put other people in my family's situation.

"It's just not fair on us to do that."

Police are urging witnesses who may have seen the accident to come forward.