TV HOSTS in the UK were left gobsmacked as the mum who declared it's OK to have sex and breastfeed at the same time appeared on their show.

Tasha Maile, a popular mummy vlogger, hit the headlines when she shared a video discussing the taboo topic.

The mum-of-three appeared on the ITV show This Morning via satellite link and hosts Holly Willoughby and Phil Schofield, as well as the viewers at home, were shocked by her beliefs.

When quizzed about her videos, she said: "I just like to share my life with others.

"Being an adult about the conversation: the baby was sleeping while breastfeeding and again, being an adult, I think we all like sex. It's totally fine.

"I know that people read titles and don't watch the video."

Mother had sex while breastfeeding: US woman has created a media storm.
Mother had sex while breastfeeding: US woman has created a media storm.


Holly then asked if she has sex with her husband while her three month old baby is awake.

She said: "Even if the baby is awake and off to side … If the baby is OK, they're not judging you."

However, the interview got awkward when Phil and Holly asked her if she's intimate with her husband in front of all her children, as she still breastfeeds her five-year-old son.

She replied: "It's not about being right or wrong. If you're having sex in front of your children and it feels right then it feels right.

"Do I make love in front of my eldest child? No.

When she was asked to clarify, Tasha continued: "Is it okay to murder someone in front of your children?"

Phillip quickly lost his patience and said: "If you did it in this country the social services would be on to you."

When Phillip then asked Holly's views on it, she didn't answer and went straight to the break.

Viewers were equally shocked by her admission and took to Twitter to share their views.