Mum’s angst as girl exposed to ‘abuser’.
Mum’s angst as girl exposed to ‘abuser’.

Mum’s angst as girl exposed to ‘abuser’

A TOWNSVILLE mother has made an emotional plea for change to the legal system and Department of Child Safety, claiming her daughter is made to visit a home that contains an alleged predator.

Sharon* has custody of her five-year-old daughter for 10 nights every fortnight, with her child spending the remaining four at her father's house.

Sharon said the father of her daughter, who she separated from five years ago, lives with a man her daughter has made complaints about but nothing has been done.

"It's a disgusting system, society needs to know there are people out there not getting charged," Sharon said.

"My daughter is still being made to go to the house when she shouldn't be, because of a court order which can't be overruled unless we go back and spend more money.

"It's sad, really sad. We've been going through it for a long time. It's just s--t.

"The Government or someone needs to get involved, things need to change."

Sharon said she settled with her former partner out of court two years ago, but regrets that decision in light of revelations about the man who lives in the same house as her ex.

"Child Services pulled my daughter out of school to speak with her and she told them things about him, sexual things," she said.

"She was able to disclose things to them because I wasn't there.

"But at the same time my daughter loves school, it's her safe place … so it was a little disappointing that it was brought into her school life."

Sharon said she was angry when she was informed the man wasn't going to be investigated by authorities.

"(My daughter's) spoken with officers from the Child Protection Unit and Child Services. She's spoken in front of a camera. They say they can't charge the man because there isn't enough evidence.

"They said she had to identify a rug or a time or clothing.

"A five-year-old can't remember those things. It's disgusting they don't want to investigate alleged sexual abuse."

The mother fought back the tears when she described the situation her daughter now finds herself in.

"When she goes to the house she is locked in a room all day so she is kept away from the alleged perpetrator," she said.

"Child Services said at least they're keeping her safe. I can't believe that came out of their mouth, it's disturbing.

"She doesn't want to go there, she takes it out on us because we're the ones sending her there. She's too young to understand."

Sharon said she was seeking assistance to hire a solicitor to go back to court and have the custody agreement overturned. She has called for the Magistrates and Family Courts to be merged and an overhaul of the Department of Child Safety.

"The system isn't working … but I'll never give up, that's my little girl."

*Name changed for