Murdered boy's mother speaks out


THE mother of a Redcliffe teenager who was murdered last week wants her son's alleged killers tried as adults.
Angus Beaumont, 15, was walking home from McDonald's last Friday night when he and his friends were allegedly attacked by three boys.

Angus suffered fatal stab wounds and two 14-year-old boys were charged with murder as a result and police are still searching for the third.

Redcliffe victim Angus Beaumont.
Redcliffe victim Angus Beaumont.


Police investigating the stabbing. Picture Annette Dew
Police investigating the stabbing. Picture Annette Dew

Angus's mother Michelle Liddle has since taken to social media to express her grief and has started a petition for change.

"The aim of this petition is to get these offenders tried as adults. They have taken an amazing and beautiful boy's life and they deserve the harshest penalty as possible," Ms Liddle wrote.

"The other aim is to have all 14 years old and over receive harsher sentences. There are too many kids walking around on our streets on bail after committing crimes. They don't learn and continue doing the same thing until they hurt someone.

"Enough is enough! These laws HAVE to be changed. These teens are out of control and the government isn't putting a stop to it! We need to band together and make a difference."

In another emotional post on Facebook, Ms Liddle said she "still can't fully believe" her "gentle giant" son was gone.

"I will never see my son's face again, hear his voice and I still can't fully believe that this is real!" she wrote.

"As a mother I keep waiting for him to come home. Please help us stop this happening to someone else! Sign and share the hell out of this!"