Murgon Mustangs team of the decade

AS THE rugby league season in the South Burnett awaits kick off, Murgon Mustangs co-coaches Paul Brunjes and Jason Webber have put together their best 19 to pull on the Mustang’s jersey over the past decade.

Murgon Mustangs team of the decade.
Murgon Mustangs team of the decade.

1. Barwoo Fisher: He is high up there as one of the best competitors I have seen play rugby league.

2. Chris Bond: Great fullback and winger. Very tough, slight build but can take a hit from the best defenders.

Mustang centre Arthur Saltner in last years grand final abasing Cherbourg. (Picture: File)
Mustang centre Arthur Saltner in last years grand final abasing Cherbourg. (Picture: File)

3. Arthur Saltner: Great defender. With a bit of extra speed he could be the best centre in the competition.

4. Keith Walsh: Played for Qld Murri side when he was 19 as a winger and scored numerous tries outside of Donald Malone.

5. Daniel Georgetown: When his game was on he could effortlessly score 4 or 5 tries in an afternoon.

6. Jameel Sullivan: His first A-grade coach Mark McDonald, rated Jameel as the best young player he’d ever seen.

7. Tyrone Murray: Silky skills. When he was at his best he could set anyone up to get through a gap.

Mustang prop Michael Giles with a hit up in last ears grand final. (Picture: File)
Mustang prop Michael Giles with a hit up in last ears grand final. (Picture: File)

8. Michael Giles: Had a couple of bad injuries as a young player. Despite this, he has been our best player two out of the last three years. He was destined to go to St George Club before a bad injury put an end to that.

9. Lehman Brunjes: Dynamic dummy-half runner and good defender. Improved fitness would bring him to the top of his game.

10. Chris Quinn: When he was at peak fitness he could well have advanced to the next level of the game. He was our best player for a few years.

Mark Saltner forces his way through Wondai's defence. (Picture: File)
Mark Saltner forces his way through Wondai's defence. (Picture: File)

11. Mark Saltner: Experienced front rower- with him on the team, Murgon is more likely to win. He has been in more Grand Final winning teams than Frank Malone (who made team of the century), so there is nothing more complimentary that can be said.

12. Gordon Fonua: Could play any position in the forwards and five-eighth. He was one of our best players in 2018.

13. Karl Berlin: We have yet to see the best of Karl’s game due to a bad injury. He will be one of our best players to come.

14. Cain Bond: Tough front rower who played for Murgon for a many years. He was the backbone of our team for some years while we were struggling.

15. Danny Edwards: Danny’s game was strong in both attack and defence. He was a very consistent player and he could always be relied upon week in and week out.

16. Peter Bligh: Like Cain Bond, he was the backbone of our side for many years. He has played for Murgon A Grade for longer than 10 years. He gave players around him a lot of confidence.

17. Elwyn Fewquandie: One of the most talented players that I have ever seen. It is unfortunate that the 2020 season has not been able to go ahead because he was primed after a big off season, during which he played some brilliant All Blacks games.

18. Barry Tapua-Fewquandie: I don’t think that I have seen anyone who could play every position on the field and still be the best player on the field. He and his cousin Elwyn are both very talented and make a great team.

19. Eric Law: He performs well under pressure and the tougher the game gets, the better he plays.

Special Mention:

Buddy Stanley: He had a massive off-season and was looking forward to 2020, luckily he still has many years yet to play for the Mustangs. 2021 may see him playing in the number 9 jersey in this side.

Mitch McDonald: He would have been the starting hooker if scrums were still conducted as they were 10 years ago. He was tough and could win a scrum against the feed.

Jason Webber: He played ARL for Balmain and recently again played for his junior club – Murgon Mustangs, in his forties. It is a great experience for the players around him to play with someone of his expertise.

Neil Stanley: Played for Norths in Brisbane as a younger player and has played all over Queensland. He was a Murgon junior and until he came back to our club last year at the age of 44, I had never realised how good a player he is.