Members of MISFITZ are also part of the band RiSa (pictured).
Members of MISFITZ are also part of the band RiSa (pictured). Matt Collins

Musical duo keen to help the community

FOR the Dinner Under the Stars event tonight, November 9, at Mulanah Gardens, the musical duo MISFITZ is excited to contribute to the community with a performance.

The dinner is to raise money for the Farmers Drought Appeal, and MISFITZ member Rob Fitzherbert feels it's his responsibility to help the community.

"It's a fantastic cause. Historically, we do a variety of shows. As a soloist I'm Fitzy, as a duo we're MISFITZ, and the band is RISA. We have a very strong community view to share our talents to the benefits of others," he said.

"I think it's very important that we get involved and we help people where we can.

"We're also very lucky in a sense because our business makes other people happy, so we see it almost as a social responsibility to be able to share that for the benefit of others."

Most importantly, the MISFITZ duo want to highlight the importance of supporting the agricultural industry.

"The agricultural industry is the backbone of this community, and we need to be doing all that we possibly can to support agriculture. It's our little bit that we can help with," Mr Fitzherbert said.

"The most important thing about what we're doing is saying that we care, and we recognise the importance."

Overall, the event will surely be a great night for everyone.

"For us, it'll be a great opportunity. There'll be 80 other likeminded people there ready to have a great night, and Mulanah Gardens is one of the jewels of the South Burnett," Mr Fitzherbert said.

"With the absolutely beautiful landscapes and beautiful gardens, hosted by Rhonda and Lindsay Kath, it doesn't get better."