Wondai Wolves stop Murgon Mustangs' Jeff Vaughan from going any further.
Wondai Wolves stop Murgon Mustangs' Jeff Vaughan from going any further. Jessica McGrath

Mustangs gallop to victory against the Wolves

WOLVES fought back until the last seconds in a close second half against the Mustangs.

But the Murgon Mustangs ended up holding out their lead, taking a final score of 34-32 at the match in Wondai on Saturday.

Wondai coach Peter Mickelo said the Mustangs were given a strong lead of 22-4 at half-time.

"Wondai never capitalised on the opportunities we were given and we handed over the opportunities to Murgon in the shape of penalties,” Mickelo said.

"We gave Murgon piggybacks down to our try line.”

Mickelo said he planned to get the team out of their slow-start habit.

"We've been ... giving teams a 20-plus points head start, and at the end of the day what's eating us is the clock,” he said.

At half-time he told the team to maintain their calm, stick to their guns and stick to the game plan.

They turned the tables and gained 28 points.

In the game's final 20 seconds, Wolves captain Danny Alberts elected to try and tie the game up to 34-all but missed the conversion.

"It was quite exciting, especially the last 10 minutes, we knew it would go down to the wire,” Mickelo said.

The Wolves will focus on maintaining a strong first 13 and use the season as a building year for the club.

"I've made my goals clear to the club and team, whatever we achieve this year is a plus,” Mikelo said.

Meanwhile in Cherbourg, the Hornets flew in for a big win at their home ground.

Cherbourg dismissed the Kingaroy Red Ants 44-22.

Kingaroy coach Ryan Sullivan said the team played well for the first 10 minutes and then went to sleep.

"We probably played our worst game of football of the year,” he said.

The game was close by half-time at 10-all.

The Hornets brought in their strong lead with a few late tries at the end.