40 YEARS ON: A Grade premiership winning side from 1979.
40 YEARS ON: A Grade premiership winning side from 1979.

Mustangs reveal the secret of ‘79 finals success

MURGON Mustangs Rugby League club recently celebrated the 40-year-reunion of the 1979 premiership winning teams.

Players from both the A Grade and Reserve Grade premiership winning teams enjoyed a top night with old friends.

President of the club at the time, Mark Smith recalls, at the time, no one gave either side a chance of winning the '79 Grand Final.

The A Grade team had finished in fourth position, and everybody thought it was beyond them to win three weeks in row.

As Smith recalls, ultimately, it was a little known secret weapon that gave them the edge over their competitors.

"We were given no chance of winning," Smith said.

"We did something that was very different.

"We engaged a sports psychologist from Brisbane."

Given this was back in the 70s, it was a unique opportunity for a country sports team, and one which resulted in a huge bonus for the Murgon sides.

"He had multiple degrees, he instilled in them so much confidence," Smith said.

"They thought they were ten feet tall and bulletproof."

Both grades played the Kingaroy red ants that year.

And in a result no one saw coming, both Murgon teams held their respective premiership trophies aloft that day.

According to Smith, The A Grade team had the game won before the half time whistle was blown.

"We blew them off the park," Smith said.

"It was 15 to nil after only a few minutes."

Players from both grades came together on Saturday October 19 at Murgon Golf Club to reminisce on their monumental effort all those years ago.

It may be 40 years on, and they may be a little greyer and not as nimble, but the stories were just as good between this group of great mates.