NANANGO REACTS: The social media post about school bashing attracted plenty of attention.
NANANGO REACTS: The social media post about school bashing attracted plenty of attention.

Nanango community reacts to alleged schoolyard attack

THE Nanango community has reacted after an alleged schoolyard attack and consequent hospitalisation of a 12-year-old student last week.

Jane Erkens, administrator for the social media group Around the Town Nanango created a post condemning the alleged attack at Nanango State High School on Friday, November 29.

The post received plenty of attention, attracting 260 comments before comments were disabled.

In her post, Ms Erkens said the schoolyard attack painted an unfair picture of the South Burnett town.

"Those responsible for our latest notoriety should be ashamed of themselves," she wrote.

"This does nothing good for our area and reflects badly on us all which is so unfair as there is so much good done in the town and area."

The passionate Nanango ambassador wrote it was important to "share some of the good things that are done in our area".

Her suggestion to the community was to establish an anti bullying campaign with input from South Burnett Regional Council, police and school representatives.

Ms Erkens' post also provided an outlet for concerned to residents to share their thoughts and opinions.

Ms Erkens chose to disable the comments after she believed some of them were not conducive to the betterment of the community.

"People were starting to move away from the issue," she said.

Residents were obviously shaken up by the alleged high school attack.

The incident left one parent of a child, who is going into high school next year, perplexed.

"My wife and I are honestly a bit nervous about our daughter heading into Year 7 next year," they wrote.

"This bullying issue really is very raw for us right now."

Even people from outside the region felt compelled to comment.

"Obviously this situation has created quite a concern for the town that I used to call home, born and raised many years ago, and still the town has a place in my heart," one person wrote.

For others, their message was a simple one.

"Teach peace," they wrote.

Ms Erkens said she believed the majority of the school students were great role models and the incident has painted an unfair picture of the school and the community.

"The majority of kids are good kids," she said.