Matthew Early from Nanango State High School scored an OP3.
Matthew Early from Nanango State High School scored an OP3.

Nanango High’s top OP-scorer reveals plans for future

MATTHEW Early from Nanango State High School has finished his high school education with the highest OP score in his cohort.

“I went and checked it at 12am,” he said.

“I was only expecting an OP of 5, so I was very excited and surprised to find I had an OP of 3.

“I went and woke my parents up right away and they were very happy and proud.”

Matthew said he was proud of himself, and he believed his high score was a reflection of all of his hard work this year.

“I think I did well because I really focused on having that balance,” he said.

“I studied hard, was involved in cricket and league at school, had a social life, and also worked part-time at the local IGA.

“It’s important to have a good life balance.”

Matthew was also school captain, and won the dux and the Caltex all-rounder awards.

He studied physics, chemistry, maths B, economics, HPE, and advanced English in Year 12.

Matthew said he had big plans to study at the University of Queensland in Brisbane next year.

“I’ve applied to study a dual degree of engineering and economics,” he said.

“I think the two should compliment each other nicely and will make me more employable.

“I have also been accepted to live on campus at Kings College. I have a scholarship there.”

Matthew has family in Brisbane and is excited for the big move.

“While not many of my school friends will be moving to Brisbane to study, I will still know people there,” he said.

“My brother and sister both live there.

“I’m excited for this next chapter in my life.”