BAD BOOKS: The defendant overturned a bookcase during an argument with his former partner.
BAD BOOKS: The defendant overturned a bookcase during an argument with his former partner. Jay Cronan

Nanango man in bad books after domestic violence rage

THE LENGTHY criminal history of a 36-year-old Nanango man did not aid his case when he went before the court on Monday.

The defendant pleaded guilty in Kingaroy Magistrates Court to two counts of breaching a domestic violence order in July.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said the incidents happened on two consecutive days.

"The first occurred on July 27, which basically involved an argument where the defendant called the aggrieved a slut and a whore,” Sgt Gangemi said.

"The next morning there was a further incident, which is when a police officer attended.

"There was an argument in relation to a phone that was provided to the aggrieved's daughter.

"During the upset, the defendant overturned a bookcase.”

Defence lawyer Chris Campbell said the relationship between his client and the victim had lasted for five and a half years.

He said they were both drug users and his client had been subjected to abuse by his former partner and 16-year-old step-child.

Mr Campbell said his client had acted out of frustration when he breached the domestic violence order.

He said the defendant had attended a police station to report the abuse days earlier in order to gain assistance as he felt tensions rising in the house, but nothing transpired.

However, Magistrate Louisa Pink said his repeated criminal offences didn't help his case before the court.

"Your criminal history is an aggravating factor for your sentence today,” Ms Pink said.

"The fact that it also involves domestic violence is also an aggravating feature.

"On my count you have seven previous convictions for breaches of domestic violence orders.

"You were sentenced to imprisonment in February 2018, which was for the only incident involving physical violence.”

As his actions during the last two breaches didn't involve physical violence, she said the defendant had the benefit that imprisonment should only be imposed as a last resort and would not be appropriate under these circumstances.

In her sentencing, she said she took into consideration that he was no longer with his former partner and had an opportunity for employment in Allora.

Ms Pink convicted and fined the defendant $500 for the first breach and $600 for the second.

Both convictions were recorded.