A 59-year old woman faced court for a string of offences, including assaulting a woman for leaving a dog in a car as well as public nuisance for calling shoppers ‘child abusers’.
A 59-year old woman faced court for a string of offences, including assaulting a woman for leaving a dog in a car as well as public nuisance for calling shoppers ‘child abusers’.

Nanango woman attacks another woman over dog left in a car

A 59-year-old woman faced court on a string of charges, including a broad daylight assault and screaming in a shopping centre about child abuse.

Donna Anne Handsley faced the Nanango Magistrates Court on Thursday, October 15, following a series of serious incidents from last year.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi told the court the assault occasioning bodily harm charge related to an incident on July 29 last year.

Handsley had approached the victim about noon on Fitzroy St, Nanango and confronted the victim about a dog that had allegedly been left unattended in a car.

Sergeant Gangemi said Handsley verbally abused the victim, punched her in the face and then punched her “a number of times” while she was on the ground, causing scratches and bruising.

The victim’s father was present at the time of the assault.

Then on August 22, police were approached by a security guard in a Deception Bay shopping centre for assistance in removing Handsley who was abusing other shoppers.

Sergeant Gangemi said Handsley was calling other shoppers “child abusers” and saying “she saw child abuse everywhere is looked”.

She was told to leave and was told by the security guard she was banned from the centre for 12 months.

At this point she turned and told the guard to “piss off you fucking dickhead”.

Police intervened and warned her she was creating a public nuisance and if she continued she would be arrested.

Sergeant Gangemi said she then approached one of the officers and “pushed her chest into the officer”, leading to an assaulting police charge.

The final incident occurred on September 9, 2019, on Walter Rd at Kingaroy.

The victim had been driving when he saw Handsley’s Toyota approach behind him very quickly.

Sergeant Gangemi told the court at one point the Toyota was so close to the victim’s car, he could not see the rego plate or headlights.

Handsley then began swerving between both lanes and applied the horn for 10 seconds.

She then overtook the vehicle, pulled in front, narrowly missing the witness’ car, and slammed on the brakes.

Police later spoke to Handsley who said she was upset because the witness had been “doing 50km/hr”.

“Your honour, 50km/h is the default speed limit in built-up areas,” Sergeant Gangemi said.

Handsley pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer, committing a public nuisance, assault occasioning bodily harm and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

She was represented by Jay Rose who told the court her client had suffered a serious car accident as a young woman which left her with an acquired brain injury.

An extensive report provided to the court detailed Handsley’s concentration and learning difficulties and that she has “poor emotional and behaviour regulation”.

The report also found that Handsley was of sound mind and fit for trial.

Ms Rose submitted that a period of probation would be appropriate.

“I’m not too sure how she will go on that probation order, but I do think she is someone who would benefit from some assistance,” Ms Rose told the court.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair agreed and imposed a probation period of 12 months on Handsley.

She was also disqualified from driving for six months.

Convictions were recorded.