NAPLAN 2017: Why Qld students are lagging behind other states

QUEENSLAND students' NAPLAN results have revealed primary school kids are leading the way across all subject areas.

Year 3 students were the state's top performers, with at least 93 per cent of students achieving at or above the national average in spelling, writing, numeracy, reading, and grammar and punctuation.

The results come as Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham conceded literacy and numeracy standards among secondary students had either flatlined or gone backwards in the past 10 years.

Queensland was below the national participation average in all subjects for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

The state also included the highest number of withdrawals in the country for the majority of subjects across all year groups.

Girls outperformed boys by about 2 per cent on average in each subject.


Students in remote and regional areas performed worse than those in cities across every age group in most subjects.

Year 9 had the lowest per cent of students achieving at or above the national average compared to the other year groups in Queensland.

Queensland Year 9s ranked sixth nationally in writing with 88.6 per cent at or above the average and fifth in grammar and punctuation.

Students living in "very remote" areas also scored significantly lower than those in cities and larger regions, with less than half of Year 9s achieving at or above the average writing standard compared to more than 80 per cent in cities.

Year 5 students were ranked fourth in the country in reading, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy, while slipping to fifth is spelling and sixth in writing.


Per cent of students at or above national average and rank compared to other states


Reading: 95.5 (4th)

Writing: 95.5 (4th)

Spelling: 93.6 (4th)

Grammar and Punctuation: 95.2 (4th)

Numeracy: 95.7 (5th)


Reading: 94.3 (4th)

Writing: 89.7 (6th)

Spelling: 94 (5th)

Grammar and Punctuation: 92.3 (4th)

Numeracy: 95.9 (4th)



Reading: 93.9 (6th)

Writing: 84.8 (7th)

Spelling: 93.4 (5th)

Grammar and Punctuation: 91.9 (5th)

Numeracy: 95.4 (5th)



Reading: 90.8 (5th)

Writing: 77.2 (6th)

Spelling: 91 (tie 3rd with WA)

Grammar and Punctuation: 88.6 (5th)

Numeracy: 96.0 (4th)