Nathan's exit has allowed Madaline to stay.
Nathan's exit has allowed Madaline to stay. Paul Broben

Nathan: Me leaving the Big Brother house wasn't selfless

A FEMALE intruder was supposed to leave the Big Brother house last night, but it was male intruder turned full-fledged housemate Nathan Barlow who volunteered to leave.

The 35-year-old offered his place in the house to Madaline, who received less viewer votes than fellow female intruder Boog, after struggling to cope with being the new, "different" housemate.

But Barlow insists his act wasn't selfless, as some of the housemates saw it on last night's show, and that his motivations for leaving the show were "selfish" and for his own well-being.

"I feel uncomfortable with people saying it's so selfless because it's actually a selfish act, I left because I wanted to leave," he said.

"I'm uncomfortable with being put on some sort of high horse or pedestal."

He singled out his feeling of a lack of acceptance from Tim, Drew and Tahan as the source of his insecurities and motivation for walking out.

He describes his decision to time his exit with the intruder eviction as a "flash of inspiration".

"When we had the intruder challenge and I saw when they got the certificates how much they wanted to be in the house and then I just realised I don't want to be in the house," he said.

"I can go and give my place to one of these girls. It felt like the right thing to do.

"I can't think of a better way I could have played it. It's worked out wonderfully I think."

Barlow believes it will take a few days for Boog to rebound from last night's revelation that the majority of the housemates wanted Madaline to stay, rather than her.

"All I was thinking was poor Boog because her face said it all," Barlow said.

"I think she thought everyone was going to vote Boog and I did too, but she's a strong little bugger. She'll be fine, but I think it will take a couple days for her insecurities to wear off."

He tips nice-guy Ed to go in tomorrow's eviction.

"I don't like that answer," he said.

"If the prize should go to the person who is the most honourable in the house then I think that goes to Ed."

And if by some chance Madaline wins the $250,000 grand prize, Barlow doesn't expect her to split it with him.

"She doesn't owe me anything," he said.

"She can buy me a beer. I'd be happy with that. The look on her face was payment enough."