NEON KING: Kumbia-Brooklands Rd where the crew will film. Photo Contributed
NEON KING: Kumbia-Brooklands Rd where the crew will film. Photo Contributed Photo Contributed

Neon King to start filming in the South Burnett today

FILMMAKERS from Brisbane will be on location around the South Burnett this week and are looking for extras to take part in their film The Neon King.

The story is of two young men living in an isolated rural community in the 1970s will be filmed on location across Blackbutt, Jandowae and Kumbia this week. from July 13-17.

The film's writers and creators are a group of graduating students from the Griffith Film School in Brisbane who aim to focus on the darker reality of what it's like to grow up in regional Australia.

Neon King tells the story of Mick and Sunny, two best friends in their early 20s who couldn't be more different.

Mick revels in drinking and fighting while Sunny is gentle at heart and holds a desire to experience the big wide world.

While Mick is on a downward spiral through his drinking and bad behaviour, Sunny longs to leave for the city.

Mick is now faced with the heartbreaking reality of saying goodbye to the one person he's relied on his entire life.

The story was inspired by true events, told to writer/producer Jordan Lynagh by his uncle, who grew up in the town of Warwick.

Co-Producer Danielle Redford said the crew had a desire, as Australians, to tell local stories.

"We have so many people from overseas film here but they never tell our stories," Miss Redford said.

"We wanted to capture that small-town culture and what it is to be Australian."

Thirty-three people are involved in the film and established Australian actors Thomas Larkin and Julian Curtis will play Mick and Sunny.

Director Cameron March said the team had ventured out on a huge road trip when it they discovered filming gems in the region, including the Radnor Hotel at Blackbutt.

"We came across towns that were stunning, beautiful paddocks and wide open spaces," he said.

"It captured that feeling of isolation and it was just what we wanted."

Anyone interested in becoming an extra can phone Danielle Redford 0413 113 354.