SLOW DOWN: Kingaroy motorcycle trainer Col Rogerson offers sound advice to motorcyclists.
SLOW DOWN: Kingaroy motorcycle trainer Col Rogerson offers sound advice to motorcyclists. Matt Collins

'Never stop looking': Advice from veteran motorcycle trainer

KINGAROY'S Col Rogerson has witnessed plenty of changes since his days as a volunteer motorcycle trainer back in the 1980s.

He is one of the longest-serving trainers in Queensland.

"Back in those days it cost $28 to do the course,” Mr Rogerson said.

Born and bred in Kingaroy, Mr Rogerson raced motorbikes overseas and had big goals of an exciting future in motorcycle racing.

"The intention was to come back (to Queensland), earn some money and then go back,” he said.

But a motorcycle accident put a stop to his dreams, and he never went back to racing overseas.

He is a respected man in the industry and has even taught and assessed other trainers to become trainers.

SLOW DOWN: Kingaroy motorcycle trainer, Col Rogerson offers sound advice to motorcyclists.
Kingaroy motorcycle trainer Col Rogerson. Matt Collins

Mr Rogerson is confident the current learn-to-ride course is preparing motorcycle riders how to safely and effectively navigate their way to become competent riders on Queensland roads.

"The courses we do now are owned by Queensland Transport,” he said.

"When they (learner riders) have finished the course, they have completed 23-and-a-half hours of training.

"That is similar to the rest of the world.”

According to Mr Rogerson, the learn-to-ride course was strictly monitored.

"The course we have to deliver is as per the curriculum,” he said.

"I'm getting an audit next Sunday. He will be checking if I'm following the training curriculum.

"We are very thorough here.”

The veteran motorcycle trainer had some sound advice for all motorcycle riders: "Keep scanning. Never stop looking”.

"Never focus on any one thing, your eyes are like a computer,” he said.

"And slow down.”

In the past, a motorcyclist did not have to have their car licence, a law that Mr Roberson was happy to see changed recently.

"You now have to have your driver's licence for 12 months,” he said.