HIGHWAY UPGRADE: There will be a new bridge over Kicoy Creek on the D'Aguilar Highway.
HIGHWAY UPGRADE: There will be a new bridge over Kicoy Creek on the D'Aguilar Highway. Google Maps

New bridge on D'Aguilar Highway to improve safety

AN 85-year-old timber bridge on the D'Aguilar Highway over Kilcoy Creek will be replaced this year with a new 15-metre-long, two-lane concrete bridge.

Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey said the Kilcoy Creek Bridge was an essential part of the state's freight network, which is vital for the local, state and national economy.

"The current bridge is becoming costly to maintain and load limits to protect it would significantly impact freight transport and the businesses that rely on road transport," Mr Bailey said.

"This upgrade will also improve the nearby carpark at Anzac Park at the entrance to Kilcoy with a new turn-around facility and formalised parking bay."

Mr Bailey confirmed detailed design for the new bridge was complete and tenders for construction would be called in the coming months. Construction is expected to start in mid-2019.

"Our investments in road projects not only make sure Queenslanders drive on better roads, but also provide an important economic boost and create jobs in communities around the state," he said.

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the Australian and Queensland governments are jointly funding the $5.88 million project under the Australian Government's Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program.

"Around Australia, we are investing in making roads safer to make sure people can get home sooner and safer, as well as boosting productivity," Mr McCormack said.

"The new bridge will improve road safety, road freight productivity and community connections for local motorists, pedestrians and cyclists."

The $5.88 million new Kilcoy Bridge project is jointly funded, with both the Australian and Queensland governments committing $2.94 million.