’GOOD PROMISE’: Cane farmer Bryce Cronau saw the new variety being grown in trials.
’GOOD PROMISE’: Cane farmer Bryce Cronau saw the new variety being grown in trials.

New cane variety now available for growers

SUGARCANE growers in Bundaberg will have access to a new sugarcane variety developed by Sugar Research Australia for next year's planting.

The new variety, called SRA29, has been approved for release by a committee of sugarcane growers and millers of the Southern Region, which includes Bundaberg, the Fraser Coast and the Sunshine Coast, and its release follows extensive development and trials led by SRA.

SRA Southern Region plant breeder Roy Parfitt said that in trials SRA29 had produced good tonnes of cane per hectare with sugar content equal to the existing major varieties of the region.

"In our trials, SRA29 kept good productivity in ratoons, after being tested out to the third ratoon crop," Mr Parfitt said.

"Overall it has good disease resistance, and good fibre characteristics to allow efficient processing within the region's sugar mills," he said.

Mr Parfitt said the variety had been tested on a range of farms across the Southern Region.

Maryborough farmer Bryce Cronau has seen the variety in a trial on land leased by MSF Sugar and said that SRA29 showed good promise as a new variety option.

"In that trial, it had tough conditions with the season and soil type, but it has come through looking good with a strong stool," Mr Cronau said.

"So this variety has definitely shown it can stand up to the tough times," he said.

More information on SRA29, and other cane varieties for the Southern Region, will be available in the 2020-21 SRA Variety Guide for the region, which will be available for growers and millers of the region later this year.