RIDE 'EM COWBOY: Anton Fisher comes out strong.
RIDE 'EM COWBOY: Anton Fisher comes out strong. Michael Nolan

New date set for the Cherbourg rodeo

THE Cherbourg Community Rodeo is back for another year on Friday, December 15.

Held at the Community Sports Complex, the rodeo is open to all.

It is a partnership between the Cherbourg council and Arethusa College, which is an alternative school based near the town.

Arethusa College takes students who are having difficultly with mainstream school and teaches them more hands-on skills such as bull and horse riding.

Each year the college students clean up at the community bull ride - but that doesn't deter local adults from trying their hand at the magic eight seconds.

Along with the spectacle of a bull ride, the evening is a chance for the locals to catch-up, share a meal and talk.

A range of service providers will be on hand to talk to locals about any concerns they might have and Goodnir van is coming over from Dalby to prepare food and drinks.

The junior football club will also sell hot food.

Edwina Stewart from Cherbourg Council is one of the organisers.

She said Christmas was a tough time for some families and the community rodeo was a great way to connect those in need with people who can help.

"We can let them know there is support there if they need it and instead of just giving out pamphlets it puts a face to the services,” Mrs Stewart said.

For the young folks there'll be rides, including a mechanical bull and jumping castle.

"They'll keep the kids entertained while we get ready with the bulls,” MrsStewart said

"We'll also have Santa on a horse giving out some presents to the children.”

Entry is free but it costs to register for a ride.

Poddy rides (seven to 11 years): $10

Junior steers (12-16 years): $15

Junior bulls (16-18 years): $15

Open bull ride: $25

Local buck jump: $25

Bullock ride: $25.

Nominations close at 2.30pm so make sure you arrive at the event early or miss out on a ride.

The Cherbourg Community Rodeo will run from 3.30-6pm.