BIG SWING: Blackbutt golfer Barry Richardson teeing off at the Kingaroy Golf Club. Picture: File
BIG SWING: Blackbutt golfer Barry Richardson teeing off at the Kingaroy Golf Club. Picture: File

New-look golf club to emerge after coronavirus

GOLF clubs across the region have once again been forced to cease operation, however the Kingaroy Golf Club is making the most of this forced downtime.

The club secured a $28,000 grant which is currently being put toward a new interior paint job, new ceilings, new curtains and new windows.

Kingaroy Golf Club president John Dalton said despite it being a frustrating couple of weeks, the closure of the club presented a new opportunity.

“Unfortunately we have to close our doors, however one good thing to come out of this is we now have time to renovate the inside of the clubhouse,” Dalton said.

“We were lucky enough to receive a grant which has gone straight into the cost of the renovations.

“When everything gets back to normal and we can reopen the club, it is going to look amazing.”

The golfing community has been left confused during the last two weeks due to the constantly changing rules regarding their operation.

Dalton said it had been a tough couple of weeks.

“The club has done everything it could to try and stay open and have been told several different things from several different parties,” he said.

“We got told one thing from Golf Australia and then something different from Queensland Health.

“Although frustrating, we have a lot of loyal members and a great community of golfers and we’re all in this together”

Golf Australia issued a media release following direction from the Prime Minister to announce that golf clubs were among the remaining sporting facilities to close as the number of coronavirus patients continued to rise.

“While this is a difficult time for the golf industry and wider society, Golf Australia is committed to working with clubs and facilities across the state to ensure that we return a vibrant, strong industry,” Golf Australia’s media release stated.

“Golf Australia has also begun to lobby both the federal and state governments to ensure that course staff will be able to continue to access their facilities.

“It should also be noted that as of now there are no further restrictions on current greenkeeping operations.”

Golf Australia said it would continue to keep clubs up to date as to the status of these discussions.