NEW OWNER: Wendy Turner has taken over the Wooroolin Post Office
NEW OWNER: Wendy Turner has taken over the Wooroolin Post Office Elaelah Harley

New owner has big plans for Wooroolin Post Office

A NEW life calls for long-time Wooroolin resident Wendy Turner, as she has just become the Wooroolin Post Office's new licensee.

"My other job finished after six years, and around the same time, the previous lady who owned the post office wanted to sell it. We've lived here for 25 years and so I thought it was a service that the community needed to keep," she said.

Under new management, the Wooroolin Post Office will see some changes.

"There used to be plants all outside, but I'm not very good with plants, so I'm going to offer other services," Mrs Turner said.

"These will include scanning, emailing, faxing, plus scanning of negatives, photos, slides and documents.

"The odd jobs will add on some business here, and it stops people in Wooroolin having to drive out of town for these services."

Mrs Turner recognises it's a tough time for the post officer profession, so she has thought of some ways people can get involved.

"Everyone is wanting to change to digital, but to keep a post office locally, communities need to try their best to pay bills at the post office," she said.

"We do banking, bill pay, you can buy phone and internet credit here, we can do fishing permits, and all the postage products.

"You can do money orders and money transfers, witness and certify documents, and you can still rent a P.O. box.

While supporting a post office, Mrs Turner says you can brighten someone's day with a letter or card.

"There's nothing nicer than receiving a card in person, rather than over the internet," she said.

"You see people all the time being a little bit discouraged when they check the mail and see there's nothing there.

"If you like to receive letters, why not send them too? It's not hard, and it's not expensive either. It's just a dollar and for Christmas cards, it's only 65 cents to post.

"I suggest everyone gets out and posts a card to their friends, even if it simply says 'hey, haven't seen you for a while,' because it's nice to keep in touch."