The new personal training studio will be built out at Booie.
The new personal training studio will be built out at Booie. Geoff Potter

New personal training studio in the bush

A PERSONAL training studio will be built out at Booie to take in a rural backdrop.

The indoor sports and recreation change of use application was approved during the South Burnett Regional Council's September meeting.

The proposal will allow the owners of the business to regularise an existing personal training studio within a new 99.2sq m building.

The new studio will be built at the front of the site on Macaulay Drive, where operators will continue conducting personal training, including yoga, in the new studio building.

Councillor Terry Fleischfresser it was a great, new initiative for the South Burnett.

"People that don't want to attend a public gym can get the privacy with a personal studio to train in like this,” he said.

No non-residential staff will be employed, and training will be typically one-on-one, although occasional sessions will be run with two clients.

The personal training business will operate between 7am and 2pm, Monday to Friday.

The studio will be located within the rural residential zone and will run as a home-based business.