PRICE HIKE: South Burnett residents will be paying more for their waste this coming financial year.
PRICE HIKE: South Burnett residents will be paying more for their waste this coming financial year.

PRICE HIKE: Changes coming to your garbage bin

SOUTH Burnett residents will be paying more to get rid of their garbage this new financial year. 

This comes after the South Burnett Regional Council announced a price hike of 6 per cent for waste services in their 2028/29 budget. 

Increased operational costs in both waste collections and the waste disposal has contributed to this increase.

The standard wheelie bin collection charge will increase by $4 to $165, and the waste management levy will increase by $8.50 to $150.50.

The reintroduction of the State Government's Levy will result in the commercial 240L wheelie bin refuse collection charge being increased by $55 to $243.

Mayor Keith Campbell said the state levy would not impact household waste disposal, particularly kerbside collection.

"Residents are reminded that they can dispose only household waste at rural transfer stations, at no cost, as the state will also be reimbursing the council for this applicable waste levy disposal expense as it is classified as municipal solid waste," he said.

The introduction of the state waste levy has also seen new opening hours put in place for July 1. 

The Murgon waste facility will be open from 8am-noon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

The Wondai waste facility will be open from 1-5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

The council has started to budget for a major new facility in the region.

The council will save funds for a major waste facility for about 2028/29 as the current landfill sites reach their end of life.

Cr Campbell said the estimated capital expenditure for the facility would be $7.8 million.

"From 2029/30 the current estimates provide for a further spend over the ensuing seven years of $13 million for the staged closure of the current landfills to the required environmental standard," Cr Campbell said.

The bulk waste transfer station planned for the 2028/29 financial year could involve transferring the region's waste out of the shire.

As the region's waste sites are filled, funds will be needed to finalise, cap and rehabilitate the closed landfills.

Read more about the South Burnett Regional Council's 2019/20 budget here.