Work on a new quarry will start soon.
Work on a new quarry will start soon.

New quarry approved for Burnett

MINING company Sabre Resource Industries was given conditional approval to build a quarry on Manar Rd at Boondooma.

The South Burnett Regional Council signed off on the project at its June general meeting this morning.

The council received six public submissions questioning the development and expressing concerns about the effect trucks laden with gravel would have on the quality of Manar Rd.

In addressing these concerns the council placed a number of conditions on the development.

Before work starts on the quarry Sabre Resource Industries will have to build signage along the transport route warning of quarry trucks.

It will also need to lay fresh gravel along Manar Rd to a width of four metres.

Once the quarry starts hailing between 20.001-100,000 tonnes of rock per year it will have to widen and re-sheet Manar Rd to six meters and expand the width of all its floodways.

If it starts hauling more than 100,000 tonnes per year Sabre will have to put a full bitumen seal on Manar Rd.

The quarry will be located around the corner from Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff's home.

Cr Duff acknowledged her neighbours' concerns and supported the conditions placed on the developers.

"The concern from the objectors is (Sabre Resource Industries) was going to start doing the haulage without doing much to the road,” she said.

"But in the conditions they have to put a certain amount of gravel, and had be a certain width.

"That's up front, before they can start and I think that addresses the concerns of the objectors.”