Nick Cannon says he wants to help others suffering the same autoimmune condition he was diagnosed with in 2012.
Nick Cannon says he wants to help others suffering the same autoimmune condition he was diagnosed with in 2012. Bang Showbiz

Nick Cannon: Lawyers delay divorce to Mariah

NICK Cannon blames lawyers for the delay in his divorce from Mariah Carey.

The 'America's Got Talent' host recently released a surprise new song, 'Divorce Papers', which he penned in the wake of rumours he had deliberately delayed signing off on the end of his marriage to the 'Hero' hitmaker - who is now engaged to James Packer.

The song opens with the lines "Divorce papers, my lawyer said 'don't say s**t'/ Goldman gon' be mad, Nina gon' be heated/ They havin' private meetings saying 'Nick is going crazy'" and Nick admitted they referenced the fact that while he doesn't have a problem with his estranged wife, their respective attorneys can cause "friction".

He told website Genius:"I was like, 'You want divorce papers? Well here you go!'

"The lawyer's line was also me releasing a little frustration at the attorneys on both sides because lawyers always think they control the clients and they cause most of the friction, especially since my ex and I get along."

Nick also admitted he finds the whole process of getting divorced "draining" and expressed his frustration with all the paperwork and documentation it involves, admitting he just wants things to be over with now.

Discussing the track's final line, "Man, f**k it, let's sign those papers", he said: "This was more of expressing frustration with the process and not the people involved. People don't understand how draining divorce is, it's the absolute worst.

"Everyone wants to move on but your are forced to go through all of this litigious government bullshit that can force unwanted confrontation.

"A million semantics, 'what ifs', and minute details that have nothing to do with the children or the happiness of everyone involved.

"So the line was more of a cry out like, 'Yeah f**k it, Hurry up! Let's sign the papers!' "

For the 35-year-old star, the hardest part of splitting from Mariah is having to go long periods without seeing his kids.

He said: "There is nothing more painful than parting with or having to drop your children off.

"We try to be strong for them but sometimes emotion can overwhelm you. so one day as my daughter was giving me a hug goodbye my eyes welled up and she looked at me and said, 'Daddy why do you have tears in your eyes.'

"I told her it was because I love her. She understood, she is a genius, She just hugged me harder and said 'I love you too.' "