Nickel refinery to ‘reopen in 2020’ Clive Palmer claims

THE shuttered Queensland Nickel refinery will "reopen" in 2020, Clive Palmer has claimed.

Mr Palmer announced he would be pumping $400 million into the refinery at Yabulu and again called on the State Government to step aside and let it happen.

"We have commenced the process of restarting the refinery which will provide substantial employment for the communities of North Queensland,'' he said.

"We are still hoping to avoid court proceedings with the Port of Townsville and would encourage the Queensland Government to assist in allowing Queensland Nickel access to its port berth so it can process and refine imported ore."

However, the State Government has repeatedly flagged that Mr Palmer needs to be having discussions with the company that leases the port berth, not the Townsville Port itself.

Mr Palmer said the parent company of Mineralogy in Singapore, Mineralogy International Pte Ltd, would take an option over all of the refinery's assets.

He said the plan was to provide "up to a 1000 jobs".

"The Special Purpose Liquidator (SPL) has released me and all other defendants from all claims and they have also unequivocally withdrawn all allegations against me because they knew they were false,'' Mr Palmer said.

"It is vindication for me and all defendants that the Special Purpose Liquidators withdrew all their claims and allegations.

"Under the executed Settlement Agreement, I have paid all that is owed in employee entitlements, under the Fair Entitlement Guarantee, and to creditors. There is nothing outstanding."

A total of 237 Queensland Nickel workers were made redundant just three days before the company went into receivership in 2016, which led to a further 500 other workers being laid off.