The night club attack was totally over the top, a judge said.
The night club attack was totally over the top, a judge said. Santeri Viinamki/CreativeCommons

Nightclub horror: Bashed over a place in crowd

HE WAS grossly intoxicated when an argument started over a place in the crowd.

And when the dispute broke out, a drunk Christopher Laurence Hallinan-Jarvis responded with three punches, leaving the man with hideous injuries.

The 28-year-old former Mary Valley league player was sentenced on Wednesday, where Brisbane District Court heard he previously bashed a woman, fracturing her jaw.

Judge David Kent said Hallinan-Jarvis had a "difficult upbringing" and later got in several fights during a previous jail sentence.

Judge Kent said these experiences may have led to "hypervigilance".

A psychologist said Hallinan-Jarvis had developed a "cognitive or behavioural template" for using violence as a means of problem-solving.

"You seem to be a person who resorts to violence when stressed," Judge Kent added.

Hallinan-Jarvis was "grossly intoxicated" during the nightclub incident, the judge added.

The argument was over "a place in the crowd" and the 28-year-old's behaviour was "completely unreasonable", Judge Kent said.

Hallinan-Jarvis was sentenced for committing grievous bodily harm.

The court heard one of his punches caused a serious series of fractures to the other man's eye socket.

Judge Kent said the court had been told there was still hope Hallinan-Jarvis could be rehabilitated.

But the judge added: "The train's leaving the station".

He urged him to address his problems to avoid wasting his life in jail.

Hallinan-Jarvis was jailed for three years but will be released on parole in April 3 next year. -NewsRegional