A man is suing Gilligan’s after falling off the stage and breaking his hip. PICTURE: JUSTIN BRIERTY
A man is suing Gilligan’s after falling off the stage and breaking his hip. PICTURE: JUSTIN BRIERTY

Nightclub tumble ends in $430k lawsuit

A middle-aged man who claimed he broke his hip tumbling off a stage at a popular Cairns nightclub has launched a massive lawsuit against the venue.

David Neil Blakey, 62, said he was at Gilligan's on January 2 last year and was in the audience filming "Bogan Bingo" as a favour for his mate, the DJ.

Bogan Bingo was described on the venue's website as "Aussie Trivia with a twist" and runs on a Wednesday night.

Mr Blakey claimed, in documents submitted to the Cairns District Court, that after the show was finished his DJ friend called him on stage to show him the footage.

Gilligan’s nightclub. PICTURE: JUSTIN BRIERTY
Gilligan’s nightclub. PICTURE: JUSTIN BRIERTY

"When (he) attempted to exit the stage he fell down off the top tier of the stage, landing on the lower tier of the stage and as a result thereof, (he) broke his left hip," the documents said.

He claimed that along with the break, he also suffered secondary bursitis in his groin and would require ongoing medical treatment and care for the rest of his life.

"(He) has suffered and will continue to suffer much pain, discomfort and inconvenience," the claim said.

"(He) has lost and will continue to lose some of the enjoyment and many of the amenities of life."

Mr Blakey claimed future care would cost him almost $130,000, while his future economic loss based on working another five years before retirement would be more than $160,000.

In the documents, obtained by the Cairns Post, it said since Mr Blakey's fall Gilligan's had taken action and installed lighting strips along the floor in the area and erected a metal chain barrier with a "staff only" sign at the end of the level where the DJ booth sat.

The claim said that Gilligan's owed him and other patrons a "duty of care … attending at said premises for the purposes of watching the said entertainment/shows and to take all reasonable precautions to prevent them from being injured".

Gilligan's was yet to file any court documents in response. to the claim. A court date was yet to be set.