UNIQUE: In a world where very little is special any more, this stuffed hare with horns must go close to being one-of-a-kind on the Sunshine Coast.
UNIQUE: In a world where very little is special any more, this stuffed hare with horns must go close to being one-of-a-kind on the Sunshine Coast. Contributed

Nine weird things for sale on the Sunshine Coast

THEY say there's nothing you can't buy online, and a search of what's for sale on Gumtree would pretty much prove them right.

A stuffed rabbit that has been turned into a mythical monster is the beginning of the weird and wonderful offerings on Gumtree.

The Castle's Dale Kerrigan could never have dreamed up some of this stuff as he sat at the kitchen table reading the classies in the newspaper.

1. A hare with horns


Stuffed hare with horns.
OUT OF THE BOX: Not one for the magician's hat these days. Contributed

The perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything. There is no way they will already have one of these. Described as a truly unique piece, this stuffed hare fitted with horns was apparently inspired by wolpertinger, a mythological hybrid animal which was supposedly found in the Bavarian forests of Germany. Yours for the bargain price of $500.


2. Muppets wallpaper from 1978


1978 Muppets wallpaper.
IT'S TIME: Put on your own Muppet show at home with this 1978 Muppets wallpaper. Contributed

Given its age, its not surprising that this wallpaper is not in perfect condition. And at 710x535cm, it's a little on the small side for even feature wall in a kid's room but would look great framed, according to the seller. At $40, it's probably not a bad investment for an art-lover still stuck in the 1970s.


3. VB Limited edition cricket scoreboard


VB cricket scoreboard.
HARD EARNED: If you have a hard earned thirst for promotional merchandise, this VB cricket scoreboard could be the quencher. Contributed

Like Stewart Law, who made 54 in his only Test innings for Australia, this scoreboard seems to have been a one-test wonder. Only used once, according to the seller, who has put it back in its original packaging. One of only 1000 of these promo items made, it is priced at $400.


4. 1967 Beetle lounge


1967 Beetle lounge
BUG LOVE: Pay homage to Volkswagen in this 1967 Beetle lounge. Contributed

A '67 Volkswagen Beetle has been converted into a professional upholstered two-seater lounge described by the seller as a great conversation starter, "perfect for the waiting room or home office" but described by one Beetle lovers as a tragedy. The lounge is priced at $5000 but if you have a little more to spend, you can pick up an entire one of these cars, with a ragtop, at $15,500 and have yourself a whole mobile suite.


5. Mario's Cement Factory game


1978 Mario Cement Mixer game.
TIME MACHINE: Who needs a Delorean when you can go back to the future with this 1983 Mario Cement Mixer game? Contributed

They don't make 'em like this any more, as anyone with a burnt out Playstation can attest. This Mario's Cement Factory game by Nintendo is 36 years old, and would have been the pride and joy of a kid born in the late 1960s through to mid-1970s. It still can be, for the princely sum of $150.


6. Skeleton


BARE BONES: This skeleton is the ideal companion for quiet night in. Contributed

According to the seller, this 165cm skeleton is on wheels for easy movement, which is just as well because it's hard to see it getting up and going any other way. The perfect companion house mate, he or she will not steal your food from the fridge, use your shampoo, does not fart, and is happy to watch whatever you want to watch on television.


7. Assassin's Creed t-shirt


Assassin's Creek t-shirt.
DEAD OR ALIVE: This Assassin's Creed t-shirt is described as "worn but alive”. Contributed

Well worn but alive, allegedly. Described as fitting a small man or a large boy, which probably describes most fans of this game. One for the fans at $5.


8. Dog life jacket


Dog life jacket.
LIFE SASVER: This dog life jacket might help if your mut is not much of a sea dog. Contributed

Apparently, dog paddle is not for all dogs. If your dog shows signs of becoming a drowned cat in the water, this medium-sized Ezy Dog Floatation device might be what you need. Used once, according to the seller, whose staffy was apparently a fish out of water in the waters. At $60, its cheaper than the new price of $79.95.


9. The Best of Harry Secombe and Paul Mauriat


The Best of Harry Secombe and Paul Mauriat.
GOONY TASTE: The Best of Harry Secombe and Paul Mauriat. Contributed

If you missed your chance to buy this album when it was first released 30 or more years ago, here is your chance to pick up a well preserved copy at $40, which is probably more than it sold for in the first place. The seller describes it as in very good condition as the original purchaser has copied the songs to tape. Oh, and if you are not old enough to remember black and white TV, Harry Secombe was an English comedian and entertainer who found fame in a little radio show called The Goons and Paul Mauriat a top French conductor.