Alexander with dad Conny, grandfather Jose and mum Cecilia.
Alexander with dad Conny, grandfather Jose and mum Cecilia.

Nine-year-old donates to fire relief from half a world away

MORE than 15,000km away, the Granite Belt's fire and drought plight has not gone unnoticed.

When nine-year-old Alexander Wedengren heard about the region's lingering predicament, he set about raising funds.

From his home in Stockholm, Sweden, Alexander has managed to raise more than $1000 which he donated to local fireys.

"Alexander has not done anything like this before and we are so proud of him that he felt so strong about helping Stanthorpe," his mum, Cecilia Hernandez-Wedengren said.

The family have close ties to the town. Cecilia was raised in Stanthorpe. Her parents have lived in Stanthorpe for the last 30 years and continue to do so.

It is where Cecilia would meet her future husband, Conny, with whom she's had three children - Alexander, Sophie and Josephine.

"Stanthorpe has been very close to all of us," Cecilia said.

"It's a special place as we still have family living there and every time we visit Australia we make sure to make a visit to Stanthorpe to see families and friends.

"When Alexander heard all about the fires in Stanthorpe he felt very touched and demanded that we should do something about it for the firefighters.

"He instantly started to call his relatives both here in Sweden and in Australia to collect money to help.

"He felt that he needed to say thank you for saving Stanthorpe as he also finds it a special place."

Alexander himself lived in Stanthorpe.

"I have visited Stanthorpe and lived there when I was much smaller," the nine-year-old said.

"I wanted to help the fire fighters for someone to do a 'fika' after they had been fighting the fires."

Fika, a Swedish term, roughly translates to an afternoon tea.

His grandad, Jose Hernandez, has since delivered the money to the Broadwater/Amiens Rural Fire Brigade.

"That'll be used for helping build the new fire shed," Howard Sweet from the Broadwater crew said.

"We'll probably start on that next year."

Mr Sweet said it was an amazing act of generosity from someone so young.