‘No remorse’: Woman blasted over police assault

A BRISBANE mother who tried to stop a male cop going to the aid of his female police constable partner, when she was being strangled until almost unconscious, has been handed a suspended jail sentenced after a court found she had shown no remorse for her actions.

Cori Reremoana King, 32, on Thursday pleaded guilty in the Brisbane District Court to serious assault and assaulting a police officer at Mitchelton during a drunk night out on May 25 last year.

She was one of five members of her family charged over the violent brawl that began after two men were refused service at the Brook Hotel in Osborne St.

Police were called but later caught up with the group on the street, when they surrounded the female officer.

Cori King outside court in Brisbane today. Picture: Annette Dew
Cori King outside court in Brisbane today. Picture: Annette Dew

During the melee, one of King's cousins grabbed the female officer by the neck and others surrounded her, the court heard.

When the officer's partner tried to pull the man off the constable, King pushed him away.

She later slapped another police officer while she was being taken into custody, the court heard.

Defence barrister Malcolm Harrison told the court his client was so drunk the evening of the incident she did not remember what she had done, but that she was "clearly mortified by her behaviour" when CCTV of the incident was played back to her.

The court heard the woman is mother to a 16-year-old child and works at an Aldi warehouse.

During sentencing, Judge Vicki Loury noted of all the six references tendered to the court on King's behalf not one mentioned her remorse.

She said a woman of 32 years old should have apologised to the officers and showed no compassion on the night of the incident, despite many references saying she is a compassionate person.

Mr Harrison said "it would be astonishing" if someone was not remorseful after seeing the footage of the incident.

"Unless she has a certain mindset about police, it would not be astonishing at all," Judge Loury said.

In sentencing the women to a head-sentence of four months' jail, Ms Loury said "police perform a public service".

" … it is unbelievable you have not apologised to the two police officers," she said.

"Police are the people you would turn to if you or your child needed help," she said.

The sentence was suspended for 18 months.

King refused to comment to the media outside court when asked if she was sorry for her actions.

Originally published as 'No remorse': Woman blasted over police assault