RESERVES RESPECT: Noel Selway served in the Reserves for eight years.
RESERVES RESPECT: Noel Selway served in the Reserves for eight years. Katherine Morris

No reserve on depth of respect at Wondai event

WONDAI may only be a small town but it has a big accolade as one of only three places in Queensland which commemorates Reserve Forces Day.

Noel Selway has been involved since Wondai's Reserve Forces Day started in 2006.

"Right from the start I was part of a small group of us who grew up together and got this show on the road in 2005, and 2006 was the first year," Mr Selway said.

"All of us have been members of the reserve and regular forces."

Mr Selway said it was a matter of economics as to why they decided to have the day in Wondai.

"The middle of winter in a small town is a lonely place," he said.

"We decided to do something relevant that would benefit the town and business."

Mr Selway joined the Army Reserves when he was finishing up his apprenticeship in 1970.

He said the day was in recognition of the reserve soldiers who donned the uniform part time.

"To say it's not important would be a mistake," Mr Selway said.

"The other thing about it was it was part time and it was expected we would still have regular jobs.

"As Winston Churchill said 'Once the solider twice the citizen'."

The day is on Sunday, July 5 and starts at 10am with a wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph outside the former Wondai Shire Council Chambers in Mackenzie St.

The parade will start at 11am in Pring St.