OPINION:No trust in the public anymore

THE public cannot be trusted to think for itself.

It's time we surrendered our free will to our politicians. They know best, after all.

Whether it comes to desexing your pets or deciding how late you should stay out of a night, I'm sorry, we cannot be trusted with those choices.

Pets must now be neutered on the Fraser Coast before being sold or surprise, surprise - the council can make a quick buck out of you.

And the lockout laws - thank goodness someone has decided when I should go home, because I'd hate to be making those decisions for myself.

I don't know how people survived years ago, when the world was a much less regulated place.

We can't even put up a paddling pool in our backyards these days because obviously there needs to be a fence that the authorities approve of in place - and a few fees paid as well - before anyone could consider doing such a thing.

I'm thinking maybe I should save our various governing bodies the trouble of looking after me.

I'll just go down town, buy some bubble wrap, twist it around me and then to be absolutely sure I'll be safe, I'll simply never leave the couch.

Soon that may be my only choice.