OPINION: Normalising violence doesn’t change culture.

ON MONDAY night, those tuned into the ABC witnessed just how blasé attitudes can be towards violence against women.

Watching broadcaster Steve Price's reaction and subsequent debate of this serious issue was horrifying. But, in some ways, unsurprising.

In his response to a question about our normalisation of gendered violence, he illustrated just how common it is, and how far away we are from ridding ourselves of this epidemic.

Violence against women is not a joke and people like Mr Price who (God knows why) have a public platform, need to realise the significant part they play in communicating these issues.

As someone in the media, he has a responsibility to not normalise or perpetuate violence.

The media, our politicians and every day people have a responsibility to stamp out this culture.

As long as we have people out there accepting this view, it is an issue that won't go away.