KEEPING WATCH: Fire crews prepare for the worst, protecting properties nearby a bushfire in Tingoora.
KEEPING WATCH: Fire crews prepare for the worst, protecting properties nearby a bushfire in Tingoora. Keagan Elder

North and South Burnett announced bushfire hotspots

QUEENSLAND Rural Fire Services members are encouraging Burnett residents to help the rural firefighters douse potential bushfire risks, after the region was identified as a concern.

Rural Fire Service Burnett area director Martin Taylor said the high bushfire risk for the North and South Burnett was identified in the Queensland fire and emergency services' bushfire hotspot list.

"Residents need to be proactive, and that means mowing the lawn regularly, preventing overgrowth on large properties, removing dry or dead leaf litter and keeping flammable items away from the home,” Mr Taylor said.

These simple steps will complement the work firefighters are doing on the ground, he said.

"It may be the key factor in preventing bushfires starting when condition are at their worst,” Mr Taylor said.

The Burnett rose five places within two years on the QFES' bushfire hotspot list, rocketed to sixth place on the t list announced June 21.

Mr Taylor said the Burnett averaged 153 bushfires a season over the last four years, with a record high of 185 in 2016.

"This is a stark reminder of the evolving bushfire threat facing the North and South Burnett,” he said.

The list compares the number of bushfires by season across the 17 Rural Fire service commands.

It reveals the bushfire activity in the Burnett was constant over recent years, with seasons starting earlier and lasting longer, he said.

"This is due to a number of factors, including unpredictable weather patterns and changes to the landscape from season to season,” Mr Taylor said.

The RFS would be spending the coming months focussing on areas most vulnerable to bushfires including Benarkin, Wattle Camp and Wondai.

"These locations may pose a significant bushfire risk unless we take action, so it is essential we lay the groundwork now to identify and remove potential threats,” he said.

Firefighters will be out conducting planned burns and staging community information events, Mr Taylor said.