NO SLOWING DOWN: Jerome Basset, 71 has completed over 100 parkruns.
NO SLOWING DOWN: Jerome Basset, 71 has completed over 100 parkruns. Matt Collins

Nothing will stop this 71-year-old runner

RUNNING We've all heard the story of the turtle and the hare.

The turtle ends up winning the race because of his persistence.

He wasn't the fastest runner, but that didn't bother him. He just kept on going.

Wondai man, Jerome Basset is a great example of the persistent turtle.

The 71-year-old has completed over 100 parkruns.

He is a popular fixture at the Saturday morning event.

His weekly attendance at the free community event is even more impressive once you know his story.

Originally from South Africa, Basset moved to the UK as a young boy.

"It was 1959 and my parents weren't sure how bad the situation was going to be," he said.

"They could see a change happening.

"Sadly, they still have issues 60 years later."

In 1972, he moved to Australia from the UK and met his wife at a jazz club in Brisbane.

"I like jazz and blues. That's my music," he said.

Basset and his wife lived in Ipswich and their lives turned upside down when she was diagnosed with liver cancer.

"It's weird, because I had bladder cancer. We went in for a check up to see everything was okay," he said.

"We found out she had liver cancer and there was nothing they could do about that."

Sadly, Basset's wife passed away soon after.

He moved to Wondai to start a new chapter in his life and parkrun has become a regular part of that.

"We used to go walking in the park," he said.

"When she passed away I decided to join parkrun."

Bassett loves his healthy Saturday morning ritual.

"It has a great atmosphere, it gets you outside and meet new people," he said.

"Wondai reminds me of where we lived in South Africa."

Even a nasty fall on the track hasn't slowed him down.

"I was just over-doing it," he said.

"My brain was going faster than my feet."