ONE OF THE KIDS: Former NRL star Nathan Blacklock with some St Joseph's students.
ONE OF THE KIDS: Former NRL star Nathan Blacklock with some St Joseph's students. Matt Collins

NRL legends go back to school before big game

IT HAS been some time since these former NRL stars were at school, but they certainly didn't disappoint on their South Burnett school tour this week.

Former players, Nathan Blacklock, Craig Teevan, Terry Materson and Leo Dynevor presented their inspirational message at various schools on Thursday, February 7.

They visited students at St Joseph's, Murgon primary, Cherbourg, Moffatdale primary and Murgon high schools.

St George Dragons flyer Nathan Blacklock loved giving back to the kids.

"I talk to the kids about bullying, finding friends and looking after each other,” he said.

"Being in a school classroom is like being in a rugby league team, you have to look out for each other.”

Former Newcastle Knights star and Murgon boy Leo Dynevor was school captain at St Joseph's over 30 years ago and being back at the school had the memories flooding back.

"I remember the mulberry tree down the back there,” he said.

"My family was so poor, some days those mulberries would be my only lunch.”

St Joseph's principal Tracey Gerrard said it was great to have these players at the school and the kids really seemed to take on board their advice.

"The message was to get the kids to believe in themselves,” she said.

"It fits so well with our vision and mission here.”

Assistant principal Jessica Marshall thought the visit was very beneficial for their senior students.

"I definitely think it was valuable, especially for our Year 6 students going into high school next year,” she said.

"The opportunity to leave from here and better themselves and to hear from people that have done that is extremely valuable.”

The players spoke about the importance of resilience and Ms Marshall said it was great advice for the children to never give up.

"One of the players spoke about the other kids throwing rocks at him when he was young, but he didn't let that stop him,” she said.

Blacklock said he was looking forward to a hard match on Saturday.

"I think it'll be a good game. You never know, the Cherbourg guys might get together after this and put together a team in the masters,” he said.