The Milwaukee Brewers' Josh Hader is in damage control. Picture: Patrick Smith/Getty Images
The Milwaukee Brewers' Josh Hader is in damage control. Picture: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

‘I’ll murder your family’: baseball star’s Twitter disaster

JUST a gentle reminder for any potential athlete who thinks one day they may make it big: the internet never forgets.

That's a lesson Major League Baseball star Josh Hader learned the hard way on Wednesday when his world turned upside down - while he was playing in the biggest game of his life.

The Milwaukee Brewers left-hander was playing in the MLB All-Star game - courtesy of his outstanding play this season, having posted a 1.50 ERA with 89 strikeouts.

Hader's American League team won 8-6 and it was the biggest achievement of his career to date, but quickly turned into a disaster.

Despite the victory, Hader had given up a three-run homer - and around the same time a major storm began brewing as racist and homophobic tweets on the 24-year-old's official account resurfaced.

The offensive tweets were from 2011 and 2012, when Hader was in his late teens.

Hader went into damage control as soon as he came off the field, deleting many of the offending messages and locking his account - but screenshots of his worst calls were widely available.

In 2011, Hader tweeted "I hate gay people" and later "gay people freak me out" - a selection of the homophobic tweets on his profile - while in another he wrote "Suck my c--k! I'll murder your family!".

There was also liberal use of the N-word, some from song lyrics.

While Hader has since deleted the tweets, they are still floating around the internet.

A rattled Hader declared the tweets didn't represent who he was now and said he would apologise to his teammates.

But rebuilding his reputation will be his next task - and it may prove an impossible one.

Members of Hader's family who were watching the All-Star clash at Nationals Park in Washington were immediately affected - and removed jerseys with his name on it.

And, as ever, the internet did not miss him.