Mike Goldman of Big Brother.
Mike Goldman of Big Brother.

Oh Brother, Mike Goldman is a ute man

YOU would have heard him over the years, and seen him spruiking the likes of Qantas, Westpac and Amart All Sports - we grabbed Mike Goldman for a chat about his motoring interests.

What's your current drive and why?

I drive a big red dual cab Toyota HiLux SR5, great for road trips, camping, renovating or just hitting the beach. I'm actually sitting in it right now writing the answers to this from the Big Brother car park.

What do you like and hate about your car?

I love the fact I can load it up with props for rehearsals of our new Saturday Showdown show on WIN/Nine. It's big and red and says, like, "Hey I'm coming through. Can you see me or what!" I hate the fact that I have accidentally put petrol in it twice and it's diesel. It has ended up costing me about $800 to fix both times.

What was your first car and what happened to it?

I had a Toyota 4Runner.

I loved that car. I hit some rough terrain and it rolled five times … I'm lucky to be alive!

It was also great for trips away and carrying around disco gear when I started out doing mobile discos when I was 16 years of age.

During your childhood, what car did your family have?

It was a 1987 Toyota Tarago - a big eight-seater. Mum and Dad had kids so we needed the room. Little did Mum and Dad know that it's also the first car I took for a sneaky self-drive late one Saturday night when I was 14 years old.

Naughty… I only drove it around the front yard and up and down the driveway a few times. I couldn't manage to change gears and get it out of first gear. It was actually very scary.

What is your dream car and why?

The Delorean from the movie Back To The Future. I love it because of the doors that open up in the air like a spaceship. Awesome … I could also never put the wrong petrol in it because Doc Holiday had it converted from petrol to be able to run on rubbish like banana peels and old cassette tapes. It also has a Flux Capacitor.

Hey, it's a time machine … who wouldn't want one of those?


Who: Mike Goldman.

Born: November 7, 1972.

Resume: Best known for his roles in Big Brother, Goldman has enjoyed various roles in Australian television and radio. He is the son of TV radio legend Grant Goldman.

See him: Big Brother, Monday-Friday at 7pm on WIN/Nine and in Big Brother Saturday Showdown at 6.30pm.