OH DEAR: South Burnett's worst tattoo as voted by you

IT SEEMS there are a number of South Burnett residents not afraid to claim they have some embarrassing ink.

The South Burnett Times searched to find the South Burnett's worst tattoo, and the team was overwhelmed by the response received when we put out a call on Facebook.

Many submitted photos of their questionable tatts featuring interesting typography, sketches and tributes to XXXX beer on show.

We asked readers to vote for the worst tattoo and Narelle Holmes received the majority of votes - 42 per cent of people agreed she had the dodgiest in the South Burnett.


Narelle Holmes says she is 'covered in dodgy tattoos.'
Narelle Holmes says she is "covered in dodgy tattoos”. Narelle Holmes

Ms Holmes has many tattoos ranging from a heart and birds on her chest to a lightning bolt on her neck.

Flames cover each of her forearms and there is also a dragonfly on her neck.

In the Facebook post, Ms Holmes shared some wisdom for anyone thinking about getting a tattoo.

"Yup I'm covered in dodgy tattoos. Never mix drinking with getting tattoos, you will regret it," she said.

Take a look at all of the nominated dodgy tattoos in our poll.