South Burnett Times journalist Madeline Grace shares how much she loved BaconFest.
South Burnett Times journalist Madeline Grace shares how much she loved BaconFest. Elaelah Harley

One food festival down, one to go

I WAS among the 15000 attendees at this year's BaconFest, and I'm already counting down the days until the annual avocado festival.

Now that I have a photo with the bacon man, I just have to go along and get one with the walking avo.

I'm not from the region, but these festivals still make me proud to be living in such a thriving community. Especially when it comes down to just how good the grub is out here.

I love bacon, avocados, peanuts and all of the foods for which the South Burnett is renowned.

Festivals and events celebrating what the South Burnett has to offer are a way to bump up our tourism. A way to let the rest of Queensland and Australia know what we have to offer and why they should be spending money here.

Although it was only its second year, BaconFest was a huge success. I don't think anyone could have predicted how big it was going to be.

There was great food, family friendly activities, live music, a pin-up pageant, and even a bacon eating competition.

The food available at the festival was out of this world good.

I tucked into some roast pork, pork crackling, the pork grazing tables, pork nachos, bacon ice cream and a German pork bratwurst.

I'm still salty I missed out on those pork ribs though, they really did look mouth watering.

I'm gearing up for the avocado festival and can't wait to try avocado in as many different foods as possible, and of course for the avo-roll, avo-toss, and avo-golf.

Avo on toast is a staple in my diet (typical millennial) so I'll be sure to be eating a lot of that.

I don't think I could tell you whether I prefer avocado or bacon though. It's just too tough of a call to make.