OPINION: Having a newborn at 55, no thanks!

I CAN'T imagine my mum having a baby at 55.

While your 30s seem to be the norm to have kids these days, when I heard a 55-year-old grandmother had given birth to triplets in the UK I was a little shocked.

While I have nothing against it - I just couldn't imagine being 55 and having a newborn, let alone triplets.

To think when the children are 30, she will be 85 years old. 

While there are women who are healthy enough to give birth at an older age, there are so many more risks involved.

Not only for the children but for you as well as the mother. 

An instance that comes to mind was when our close family friends weren't able to have children so his mum stepped in as a surrogate.

She was in her late 50s.

Without getting into too much detail there were complications and she got really unwell during the pregnancy and had to abort the baby because her life was at risk.

I said to my mother - don't worry, I wouldn't ever do that, even if you offered.

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A 55-year-old grandmother has given birth to triplets: http://ow.ly/10nAMs Do you think 55 is too old to have kids? When do you think age becomes a barrier with having children?

Posted by Fraser Coast Chronicle on Thursday, April 7, 2016