OPINION: One person's story can give others courage

ANYONE who has ever struggled to find a rental property is sure to be affected by Kimberley Jones' story.

I know I was. When I met Kim last week, I expected to walk away with a really great yarn to write for the paper, and I did.

I did not expect to be quite as inspired as I was.

Kim's resilience and determination in the midst of a truly terrible situation was incredible.

I cannot fathom being in her situation, mere days away from moving my entire family into the back of my car simply because I could not find a rental property.

I have one kid, and another on the way, and I would do literally anything to protect them from that kind of situation.

Kim had clearly already done the right things - finding her dream job, searching for rentals day and night and approaching every real estate agent in town, yet she still found herself, and her kids, in a dire situation.

Ultimately, things worked out for Kim, and I was inspired by her strength.

I hope others are inspired, too.

All it takes is for one person to share their story, whether it is through the local paper or elsewhere, for others to learn from it.

When I asked Kim to speak about her experience, she told me should was prepared to do so because she knew others were going through the same thing.

As she says in the story on page 5, her advice to others would be "You need to keep trying. You need to keep your head up, get up every morning and say 'today's the day I'm going to get a house'."

I can imagine being in that situation, feeling trapped by factors out of my control, facing impending homelessness and, above all, feeling utterly alone.

Hearing from someone like Kim, who has gone through the same thing and survived, could make all the difference.

That is why it is such a privilege for me to work at a country newspaper.

We have a unique opportunity to tell this community's stories; stories that really matter.

If you have a real life story or an experience you think others could benefit from, give me a call on 4162 9727.

I'd love to have the chance to tell it.