OPINION: Something has to change on roads

ONE year, 100km of road, five lives lost.

When put like that, these statistics are shattering.

On the stretch of road between Ban Ban Springs and Murgon, five people have died since June last year.

Four of those, including a seven-year-old boy and his step-father, and a doting dad and footy coach, have been in the past five months.

I am no expert on road safety or driver behaviour, but it seems to me something has to change.

This stretch of road, taking in the Bunya and Burnett highways, is clearly an especially dangerous one.

As newspaper reporters, we hear about these incidents as soon as they happen, and it has shocked me, time and time again, to hear of a fatal crash in this particular area.

It is by no means the only problem road in the region, but Monday's fatal crash has brought it back to our attention.

It has forced us to look at the trends, and notice something is going seriously wrong on the road around Goomeri.

I don't know whether it is a problem with the road, or with driver behaviour in that area, and I won't speculate on that.

What I will say is something has to change.

We need answers, solutions and education to try and make sure no one else loses their life, on this road or any other.

It's worth remembering last Friday, May 25, was Fatality Free Friday.

People all around the region took the pledge for road safety, and a mere three days later, a young man died on our roads.

If we are serious about saving lives on the road, we will take that pledge every day, change what we can in our own driving, and push for changes on our roads if need be.