'It turns out you can teach an old meat-eating dog new tricks.'
'It turns out you can teach an old meat-eating dog new tricks.' Matt Collins

OPINION: Why I chose to go vegan for a week

I ENJOY a good steak as much as the next Aussie bloke.

And after nearly 40 years on this planet I thought I was pretty set in my ways.

But it turns out you can teach an old meat-eating dog new tricks.

Earlier this year, the idea to go vegan was tossed around, like a good salad and I was surprisingly enthusiastic.

I may have been in a hamburger coma at the time.

The concept of eating vegan-friendly was a foreign one to me and I was intrigued to find out more.

I wasn't so naive to think that being vegan meant you sat down to a less-than-hearty meal of two lettuce leaves and pickle each evening.

But I was hardly Pete Evans either.

And I wanted to find out more.

With the assistance of passionate vegan and owner of Nourish Cafe, Monique DeMartin, she guided me on this healthy path.

And like the wise, experienced Yoda guiding a young and over-confident, but completely clueless, Luke Skywalker, she had her work cut out for her.

The first big challenge was saying goodbye to the warm, comforting feeling I get each morning when I take the first sip of my flat white with full cream cow's milk.

It's like a hug from mum, without the lecture about calling more often.

But after only my first soy milk barista coffee I was surprised to see I didn't automatically grow dreadlocks and walk around barefoot.

In fact, it was quite tasty and I have enjoyed each one since.

I have even been surprised that baristas don't immediately roll their eyes and point their fingers when I ask for the non-dairy alternative.

It seems I am not the only person who has discovered soy milk.

Who would've thought?

There goes my aspiring visions of the monopoly on an international soy milk corporation.

My week of 'being vegan' ends today.

It has been a great experiment and I genuinely thank Monique for being patient with this 'old dog'.