Opt for a ceramic mug or cup or invest in a re-usable cup to help save the environment.
Opt for a ceramic mug or cup or invest in a re-usable cup to help save the environment. pixelliebe

OPINION: Why I use a re-useable coffee cup

PLANET Ark estimates about one billion coffee cups end up in landfill every year.

It might be something you haven't thought twice about, but most people I know rely on their take-away caffeine fix every morning on their way to work.

Due to the fast-paced lives we lead, there usually isn't the time to sit down and enjoy a coffee from a cup or mug.

This is where disposable coffee cups have come into play, and while you may think they are recyclable, many aren't.

In recent years, ABC's War On Waste and Australian pro-recycling organisations such as Planet Ark have revealed not all disposable coffee cups are able to be recycled.

The little cardboard cups can be quite deceiving, and I for one used to always place my disposable coffee cup into a recycling bin.

Although they appear to be made of paper or cardboard, many cups contain plastic in the lining.

These specific plastics do not break down and instead end up in landfill alongside other plastics that are non-recyclable, where they will stay for thousands of years.

Some of these will find their way into our oceans, where they will be mistaken for food by marine life.

Either way, there's no positive outcome for our disposable coffee cups.

The key here is this is entirely avoidable and the solution is so simple and avoidable, it's almost laughable.

Invest in your own re-usable coffee cup and take it with you to your favourite cafe, or sit in and enjoy a cuppa from a mug.

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