OPINION: You're a year older, are you a year wiser?

SO THE last of the ham leftovers have been gobbled up and you're sprawled on the couch in front of the airconditioner in a food coma.

It can mean only one thing: Yep, it's the new year.

And that means it's time for those annual resolutions.

At the end of 2017, I may have ever-so-slightly over-committed on my resolutions for 2018.

I said I was going to de-clutter my home, but instead I bought more boxes to store more stuff.

I said I was going to brush up on my Spanish.

By March I'd deleted the language app from my phone, hoping the 'storage almost full' message would stop popping up.

I made a commitment to stop drinking alcohol. Instead, I bought better alcohol.

I also made a commitment to save more money, but instead I bought better alcohol.

So for 2019, I've decided to ease my foot onto the accelerator, rather than make a long list of resolutions that those who know and love me can attest I'll never keep.

Instead, I ended 2018 by celebrating my joys and mourning my losses for the year.

"I can't believe another year has passed," I muttered to myself repeatedly over a lovely (and expensive) glass of wine.

New Year's Day is a great day to reflect on the past 365 days.

So instead of concocting a resolution, why not think about the single best thing that happened to you in 2018?

Reflect on the unexpected joys, think about the best book you read and your favourite and least favourite moments of 2018.

Spend today focusing on what's important in life.

Think about those values and priorities and make plans to achieve the life that best represents them in 2019.

A whole year has passed since the last one and you're now a year older. Are you a year wiser?