STEPPING UP: South Burnett Times journalist Jessica McGrath (Photo: Molly Hancock)
STEPPING UP: South Burnett Times journalist Jessica McGrath (Photo: Molly Hancock)

OPINION: A great place to start a career

RURAL areas like the Burnett are a wonderful place to start a career.

I have just marked two years of taking photos, telling stories and meeting some incredible people in the South and North Burnett.

My journey started when I took on the role of a cadet journalist in Kingaroy in 2018, when I moved from my home town of Ipswich.

I now have the privilege of stepping up as an editorial team leader and digital producer with the South Burnett Times and Central and North Burnett Times.

My role will involve mentoring and guiding the other journalists in what matters most - telling your stories.

But rest assured, I will still be writing stories of my own and will endeavour to be out and about in the region as often as I can.

It is truly exciting to be able to move so far in my career while staying in Kingaroy with the same paper and team.

During my time here, I have grown a deep appreciation of the South Burnett community as I covered celebrations, watched milestones and cried along with the community during tragedies.

Some of my most memorable stories include Ethel Ryan's 103rd birthday, the tragedies on our roads last May, covering the first BaconFest, and meeting many key people in our community.

But my admiration for the sense of community out here goes well beyond my job.

I have joined the South Burnett Community Orchestra, a touch football team, and help with a local youth group and even became the Kingaroy Miss Showgirl last year - in the name of keeping community spirit alive.

I look forward to this new opportunity to serve the community and get to know each of you more as I take on this new role.

Feel free to drop by the Kingaroy office to say 'hi' or give me a call to discuss an exciting anniversary, achievement or something you are passionate about.