Emergency crews responded to a single-vehicle crash in Kingaroy.
Emergency crews responded to a single-vehicle crash in Kingaroy.

OPINION: Are you ready for an emergency?

YOU never know how you will really react until you are right in the middle of an emergency situation.

It is often said you will either fight, flight or freeze in an emergency, and some of us are able to be calm in the moment.

My friends and I were recently first on scene at a single-vehicle crash in Kingaroy.

We rushed outside when we heard the crash, leaving the kitchen like a post-apocalyptic scene - microwave door open and drinks and food set out ready on the bench.

I called 000 and rushed over to the wreckage while some of my friends tried to warn oncoming traffic of the crash up ahead in the dark.

While we waited for emergency crews to arrive, my mind raced through the various steps taught in first-aid training, checking for any additional dangers and checking in with those involved in the crash.

Thankfully it was not long until the various emergency crews arrived on scene and we were able to hand it all over. to them.

Many of this week's thumbs up nominations include firefighters, the police, paramedics, hospital staff and many more involved in emergency situations - they all do an incredible job in often very difficult and dangerous situations.

The reaction of community members in an emergency is crucial to ensuring our emergency workers can provide the fastest, and best possible care.

An emergency situation can happen to, or near, anyone at any time.

This is why it is so important for as many people as possible to be prepared with first-aid training, to have a bushfire plan in place and to just have a general awareness of what is happening around them.

This way we can all stay safe, look out for one another and help out our awesome emergency workers.